TV Broadcast Schedule

tv boradcast

You can watch Sphere of Grace TV broadcast on the Kingdom Life Network that can be viewed in any region from Africa, Canada, North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Showing Mondays – Fridays

10:55am | 04:25pm | 7:25pm | 11:25pm (GMT +1)

How to connect to Kingdom Live Network

Sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa
Satellite: Intelsat 10 satellite
Frequency: 12.722 & 12.682 Mhz
Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 26.657 Symbol/s
FEC: 1/2

Canada, and North America
Satellite: Galaxy 19 (Position 97 degrees West)
Transponder 14
Frequency: 11966 Mhz
Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 22,000 Symbol/s
FEC: 3/4

Strong Decoders Settings

1)     Press the ‘Menu’ Button on your remote control
2)     Move down to ‘Installation’ press OK
3)     Enter pin code 0000 [or your unique pin code]
4)     Move down to ‘Manual scan’, press OK
5)     On satellite, use left/right arrows to select ‘INTELSAT 7,10/K’
6)     On ‘Frequency’ use left/right arrow buttons to enter digits 12.722 GHz
7)     Move down to ‘Symbol Rate’, enter digits 26.657, press OK
8)    Move down to ‘Polarization’, and use right arrow key to select ‘H’ or ‘V’
[Note: If you select ‘V’, frequency  = 12.522 GHz, Symbol rate = 27.500]
9)    Move Down to ‘Search Type’ to select ‘All Channel’
10)   Go to ‘Network  Search’ and use your right arrow key to select ‘ON’
11)   Press OK to scan
12)   Exit when finished
13)   Browse for KLN TV and you are right

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