About SOTM

Segun Obadje Teaching Ministries (SOTM) started in response to God’s mandate to His servants, Pastor Segun and Funke Obadje and the ministry has enjoyed increase in every facet with open doors within and outside Nigeria.

SOTM has a Church arm – God’s Love Tabernacle International Church (GLT); an Outreach arm with different Platforms hosted on it, including Faith Seminar, Healing School, School of Ministry (SOM), Spirit And Word Only (SAWO) amidst many others, and a Media arm which has enjoyed international coverage hosting The Leverage Devotional and Sphere of Grace: A Daily Video Broadcast by Pastor Segun Obadje. The Music Arm of the ministry facilitates worship in outreach meetings; a company of Prophetic voices, writing songs by the inspiration of God’s Spirit to be a blessing to the Body of Christ at large. Under the Publications Arm of the Ministry, Pastor Segun Obadje has released several books which has been a blessing to the world. Some of the titles are ‘Faith for the Next Level’; ‘25 Life Transforming Instructions’ and ‘Walking in the Light of Life’ to mention a few.